Thursday, 3 April 2014

Comic Lettering, Logos and Titles

Infinite Timelines Primetime Paradox - MC Wyman / Russell Payne

The very latest Infinite Timelines commission has been posted on ComicArtFans! This is Infinite Timelines: Primetime Paradox Chapter 11, just one of literally hundreds of commissions the incomparable Aidan “Re-Legion” Lacy has posted. MC Wyman pencilled and inked this one, I did logos, titles and added the lightening background.

If you need any comicbook lettering, logos, titles or digital manipulation, get in touch. Price depends on the volume and complexity of the job. I’ll have availability to take on larger projects from 31st July 2014.

Plenty of examples of my work can be found by searching under Russell Payne or Russ Payne on the Comicartfans website.

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