Monday, 14 July 2014

Home again....Home again.....

Jiggety Jig.

Just back from the 2014 London Film & Comic Convention, a packed but worthwhile weekend of chatting, sketching and free books. I love free books. Especially free vintage science fiction books.....

Most of the weekend I was sitting behind a table - so this was what I saw of the con-

..but I did get a few breaks and got to hang out in the green room, so met lots of interesting writing/acting folk - had a quick chat with the sartorially resplendent Robert Rankin, author of the Brentford Trilogy, a series of books I absolutely loved years ago, and the actor Milo Ventimiglia who very kindly recorded a quick video hello for my daughter, he seemed like really nice guy. Had cheese and biscuits sat with Billy Dee Williams and Kenny Baker and a bunch of people from Game of Thrones, which I've never seen but is apparently very popular..... met Curtis Armstrong too and got a bit starstruck....I'm in danger of this just being a namedropping exercise so.... more later. Need sleep.

Russell Payne at LFCC 2014


Batman at LFCC 2014

London Film and Comic Convention 2014 LFCC

Authors Russell Payne and Robert Rankin

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