Thursday, 1 September 2016

Kirby-Vision - Jack Kirby 99th Anniversary Portrait Gallery

Jack Kirby would have been 99 on August 28th 2016. Next year will be the big 100, feels like people all over the world should be building statues or organising parades or something? The Kirby-Vision blog on the Jack Kirby Museum Website is running it's 99th anniversary Kirby Portrait Gallery and included one of my pieces in it (below), go have a look!

Jack Kirby collage by Russell Payne

Upcoming things for me in the next few weeks -

28th September - BettaKultcha, Manchester
I'll be one of the speakers giving a slideshow presentation. Tickets £6

2nd October 2016 - Bridlington Comic Con 2016
I'm a guest at Bridlington's first comic convention. I'll also be giving a talk on Jack Kirby.

I've also been doing a little work with the tremendous Trevor Von Eeden, who recently did a frank and fascinating interview that you can read in full here on Comic Creator News. The never-ending process of writing a book with John Watson continues, we have high hopes of publication soon. Or at least a new blog entry with some really good interesting news on our latest disagreements.

I'm currently on holiday in the middle of nowhere, trying to relax while at the same time desperately trying to meet some writing deadlines .....and achieving neither. Nice to see a bit of countryside though.

This coming weekend (3rd/4th September) is the always excellent NICE comic convention in Bedford, easily one of the best line ups of guests with a real focus on comic art and writing. If you are a fan of current comics, it's probably the best chance to actually get up close and personal with a range of today's top creators in a friendly setting. I can't recommend it enough - Tickets still available here.

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