Monday, 14 July 2014

Exclusive Jack Kirby FUNKO POP VINYL figure

At the London Film and Comicon this weekend, there were tons of Funko POP VINYL figures, including one for the star guest Stan Lee, but no sign of a POP VINYL Jack Kirby. There should be.

So I photoshopped one. A fantastic use of an evening.........

Jack Kirby Funko Pop Vinyl Figure - Available nowhere

C'mon Funko, get one made?


  1. Who's Jack Kirby?

    1. Really? REALLY?

      He created or co-created most of the characters you see in Superhero movies today - Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers, Thor, Hulk, Captain America for Marvel and the New Gods for DC. He kept creating for decades. He was the most influential comic artist of all time. He was great. Look him up.

      See -