Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I'm now 100% self-employed. I no longer work for the man. I'm a free agent, unshackled and footloose. I find my new boss is not only very generous, fair and attractive but we see eye to eye on nearly everything and he lets me have long lunch breaks and days off at short notice. With more time on my hands, I'm actually getting things done.

For one thing, after being a member for ages, I finally uploaded a few convention sketches onto my Comicartfans account today.

Roger Langridge Fin Fang Foom
Bryan Talbot Thor Joe Jusko Thor

If you don't know it, comicartfans is a great site, basically a repository for art collectors to upload, share and compare their original art and commissions. It's a fully searchable database of thousands of images, convention sketches, published and unpublished comic art and art commissions.

Apparently there are 223 pieces on there with my name on them, mostly lettering and titles. The most recent is a very nice Trevor VonEeden cover commissioned for Aidan Lacy's "Re-Legion" series

Trevor VonEeden Russell Payne Legion of Superheroes

At the risk of stating the obvious, if you're a fan of comic art, you should join comicartfans.com.

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