Saturday, 28 November 2015

Convention appearances 2016 & cushions.

Star Wars Card Russell Payne

Hoping to have a new novel finished & published next year, so will be doing more literary conventions to promote that, but for now here some I'll be a guest at this year--

February 20th & 21st
LSCC - London Super Comic Con 

March 8th
Huddersfield Literature Festival

May 14th
Hollywood Comes to Blackpool

June 4th & 5th 2016
Swindon Comic Con

June 18th 2016
Hull Comic Con
I will be giving a talk on Jack Kirby in Hull.

August 7th
Blackpool Poetry People

If you would like me as a guest at your literary or comic convention, use the contact form on the right  >>>

In other news, the nice people at Zippi have approved some of my designs for merchandise, you can see my portfolio here. They have cushions......

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  1. I really hope you'll be publishing a new novel and going to literary cons. Less art, more writing...Nice Star Wars card with you on it. Did you draw that? It looks so different from your usual art...